IDEA INTERNATIONAL, being focused on emerging and developing countries, has identified four areas as key to fostering growth and contributing to ensuring successful projects.

Without a solid and efficient network of infrastructure such as roads, energy, water, telecommunication, and transportation, no country can achieve long-term growth. IDEA INTERNATIONAL assists private sector firms that want to participate in projects in these fields, by linking them with the governments and public sector authorities seeking to implement ambitious multiyear plans in these areas. IDEA INTERNATIONAL supports project preparation and the bidding phase. We have a particular interest in facilitating projects that have a positive environmental impact and that can earn carbon emission reduction credits. Thus, IDEA INTERNATIONAL helps clients with emission reductions certification and in accessing World Bank managed Carbon Funds.

Solid development strategies are paramount for governments to identify targets and establish effective dialogues with global public and private partners. Likewise, private companies that wish to increase their presence in middle income and developing countries need to magnify the positive spillover of their projects for development purposes. IDEA INTERNATIONAL can help both realize their plans.

Most emerging and developing countries face serious bottlenecks to their growth due to the lack of reliable energy supply. Investment in this sector is of ever-growing importance, to satisfy rising demand for energy while adopting climate-friendly modes of energy production and reducing green house gases. IDEA INTERNATIONAL assists private sector firms that want to be involved in the provision of energy in innovative forms in particular in these countries.

This sector has been and will continue to be crucial to emerging and developing countries. A solid agricultural sector represents a formidable social safety net. In many instances, agriculture can contribute to further adding value through biofuel cultivation. IDEA INTERNATIONAL can advise on a range of solutions to meet client needs in this area, working closely with multilateral development agencies.

Specific activities in recent years
• Securing financing for private companies from multilateral agencies and private equity funds for biofuels operations and waste-to-energy projects in several developing countries
• Supporting companies in successful bidding for infrastructure contracts
• Establishing companies with public and private sector participation in emerging market countries for key strategic productions
• Providing assistance to governments in strengthening maritime coastal surveillance with adequate equipment, and securing the appropriate financing
• Preparing, at clients' request, detailed reports on economic developments and the business and investment climate in specific countries

In order to achieve these results, the partners of IDEA INTERNATIONAL use a wide network of contacts with senior teams in multilateral organizations, international banks, and private equity institutions.